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Clown Harmony

‘Don’t Think’ is a feature-length music documentary of The Chemical Brothers performance at Fuji Rocks Festival in Japan.

Directed by my long-term collaborator Adam Smith, the idea was to make a film that captured the feeling of actually being at a full-on Chemical Brothers show.

As co-director of the live show and co-producer of the film, I was heavily involved in the planning, shooting and post-production of the film.

Shot from a uniquely audience-centric point of view, the film melds performance footage and film sequences created for the live show into a narrative influenced by 60’s psychedelic cinema.

The film had a worldwide cinema release and subsequent release on DVD and BluRay. It won Best Live Coverage at the 2012 VMA Awards. It has also been screened at film and music festivals around the world. 


Mario’s Trip


Director: Adam Smith
Producers: Lee Groombridge & Marcus Lyall
A Black Dog / RSA Films Production in association with ML Studio.
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