Moving Images & Live Experiences.

An animated music video made in collaboration with illustrator Jimmy Turrell. Aiming to give this performance video a warm, analogue feel, we developed the idea of hand-printing the whole video, using layers of found materials to create random juxtapositions of texture, words and images. Each frame of the video was hand-printed or laser-etched into a variety of vintage paper stocks and unusual materials. The resulting frames were then re-photographed, turning it into an animation. Link: Starlife featured in Promo News.

Roll of hand-cut screenprint images, waiting to be reshot.

Two-colour screenprints on paper.

Two-colour screenprints on found paper.

Jimmy and Dan review silkscreens at The Mangle

Art Direction: Jimmy Turrell Producer: Mark Logue Project Manager: Ruth Ward Screenprinting: Dan Holliday at The Mangle Risograph printing: Hato Press